Hello! Welcome to The Mud Market. My name is Allissa Pressly, the owner, and creator of all the things you see here! 
The Mud Market is a labor of love that really came to life after the birth of my second son. I had always wanted to explore candle making, and back in 2018, I made my first candle. Unfortunately, life got in the way. I put my candle wicks down and the dream went on hold. After leaving my office job to pursue life as a stay at home mom, the spark to create and build something for myself took over. 
Growing up, my parents ran a resale and consignment shop in downtown Davenport, Iowa.  It was located right off the Arsenal bridge. Spending my days in the shop led me to grow up with a love and appreciation for all things old and the desire to create. 
When my husband Chris and I first purchased our home together, the first thing we did was look to thrifting and restoring old pieces of furniture. Projects became something we both really started to enjoy, and in the midst of our fun, I knew we were on to something. The Mud Market was the perfect outlet to satisfy the need to be around and breathe life back into old forgotten things. 


The Mud Market is a name that I have carried for a long time. My childhood home and the family store were located blocks away from the Mississippi River. The river became a piece of home for me during the years of my early adolescence, as I would frequent the docks of the river often. I am now the mother of two little boys, who love to play in the mud any chance they can get. This made the name even more perfect. 
Here you will find hand-poured candles and melts, hand-painted furniture, curated home décor, and plenty of other odds and ends along the way. I appreciate your support so much and want to thank you for shopping with us. It means more to me than you could ever know! 
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